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[edit] The Continents

Image:Andurin world.png

World map.

[edit] Aramin

[edit] Arator

[edit] Naranduil


A map depicting the Shining Plains region of eastern Morrowind.

The people of the Shining Plains are a true melting pot of Andurin, united in their daily struggle against the reach of the forces of the Sixth House.

Sadith Mora is the City of Wizards, where magicka rules with a light touch.

Balmora is a port city, also known as the Gateway to the West.

Tethmora is a city of warriors. Some of Morrowind's finest battle-hardened hail from here.

Blackhaven is an independent city-state, founded by mercenaries. The law of swords provides for all.

Dol Foyada guards against the horrors contained within the Sea of Blasted Glass.

Red Mountain is the seat of Dagoth-Ur's power on Andurin. None dare approach the Mountain of Nightmares, on pain of death eternal.

[edit] Silmataurea

[edit] Telluria


Overview map of Telluria. A revised version is forthcoming that will more clearly depict major geographical features.


This map reveals the area known formally as the Lands of the White Alliance. The alliance refers to an alliance formed by treaty between the Council of Alalminor, the White Tower at Nith'Tar Valon, the elves of Lalvensalenil and the plainsmen of 'Athaq. Members of the Alliance are expected to come to the aid of another member. Traditional foes against the Alliance include the orckin hordes of the Eastern Fhaard, the sahuagin and undead found within Undolyssil (the Lake of Death), and ilythi'iri. More recently, ancient horrors that hark to an earlier time from Andurin's past have been seen in the vicinity of the City of the Wastes, forbidden Nord'athaq.


The Council of Alalminor is a collection of countries bordered on the north by the plains of the Eastern Fhaard, on the west by the kingdom of Wylund, on the east by Nith'Tar Valon and the ancient forest of Lalvensalenil, and on the south by the Azure Sea. This map focuses on the kingdom of Damrosil and the kingdom of Gwythnecht. Not shown is the principality of Cyrdd, near Damrosil's western border.

The Council is traditionally ruled by a High King who is chosen from amongst the rulers of each of the lands of the Council. To date, there has not been a High King in well over three hundred years.

[edit] Tincoras

[edit] Vathar


Overview map of Vathar.


A map depicting the northern tip of Vathar.

The Shield Wall is a mountain range that protects the northernmost part of the continent from the intense heat and general inhospitable climate of the interior.

The Wildwood is one of the few sources of natural vegetation left remaining on Vathar. Once the forest covered the continent and was home to a powerful kingdom of green elves. The Invoked Devastation caused a great upheaval in the land and drastically shrunk the forest's borders. The elves within the Wood protect their land fiercely against all who are not of their kin.

The Ruins is the name that the people have given to the former city of Xarth. In the aftermath of the Devastation, refugees from the First Empire gathered on the shores of Vathar and attempted to rebuild some semblance of normalcy for themselves. This gave way to dreams of conquest that they might eventually return to Naranduil in force. However, the Xarthin had underestimated the orcs, goblinfolk and others who lived on Vathar. After an extended conflict that lasted for over three hundred years, the city of Xarth was overrun and utterly destroyed.


A map depicting central Vathar.

The Invoked Devastation reshaped much of Andurin: entire continents rose and fell, vast stretches of land were transformed and much chaos trailed in its wake. Some transformations are still ongoing, three thousand years later. The Great Sand Sea is one such instance.

History records the birth of the Sand Sea as a product of fell sorcery, born of the forces wielded by the arrogance of the First Empire. Most efforts to cause its persistent march to cease have been for naught. Only high magicka wrought by the remaining elves of Telrúnyas has been successful. Yet even their efforts are doomed to fail as rumors of a dark secret born of ages past eats at the heart of the elfhold...a secret that left unchecked will claim more than just the elves in a final reckoning.

Archaios, the City of Swords, is a heavily fortified city that has expansionist tendencies. Caramoar, the City of Coins, is a haven where most anything can be had, for the right price. Hana, the City of Peace, rules The Downs with a benevolent hand backed by the might of wizards in the Citadel of the Sky.

Mezaj, the City Without Walls, is the seat of the Sheikh of the Sands. The Sheikh is the ruler of nation of desertfolk who are descendants of refugees from Thae intermarried with the original inhabitants of Vathar. Unlike the desert tribes of Zayal, an empire located in northwestern Telluria, the al-Hadari rely less on magicka (and genies) and more on the relationship between spirit and land, between sword and stone.

Undead and worse live within The Grey Waste, a barren wasteland south of the Great Sand Sea.


A map depicting southern Vathar.

Goresh, the City of Souls, is a necropolis ruled by a council of liches.

Bastion, the City of Law, is a fortress dedicated to several holy orders of Solnor. The knights and paladins who compose the bulk of the city's militia have sworn eternal war against the darkness that threatens from within the borders of the Waste.

Thard, the City of Orcs, is a rarity on Andurin -- a center of civilization where orckin and goblin kind are free to live their lives without interference.

Drakos is a dead city, albeit an ancient city. In times past, many feared to defy The Rising Dawn, a cabal of draconic elder princes who ruled the city and much of southern Vathar. However, it's walls were shattered and its vaults plundered when the princes dared challenge the might of the necromancer lords of Goresh. Now, nothing stirs within Drakos save spirits and memories, and the lure of lost magicka.

The City of Vathar is a port of welcome for those new to the land. Intrigue and adventure abound within its walls and without, for the stalwart and the brave. Tangle wits with the Seven Skeins; outwit and overcome the priests of Hate. Take part in the Great Game, where all are equal from the highest lord to the lowliest beggar, where nothing is left to chance.

[edit] The City of Highkeep


Highkeep is the capital of the province of Silversand, located in the kingdom of Wylund.

[edit] The Noble District


The Noble District is the location of several noble villas as well as that of the High Keep for which the city is named.

1 -- The High Keep, seat of the High Lord of Highkeep. The High Lord is traditionally a commoner raised to the rank of Landed Knight and one who has been tested by the Blade of the Keep. He or she rules over the city of Highkeep while being advised by the Council of Twenty.

2 -- Villa of House Adarbrent, a member of the Council of Twenty.

3 -- Villa of House Artemel, a member of the Council of Twenty.

4 -- Villa of House Durinbold, a member of the Council of Twenty.

5 -- Villa of House Moonshadow, a member of the Council of Twenty.

6 -- Villa of House Maerklos, a member of the Council of Twenty.

7 -- Villa of House Raventree, a member of the Council of Twenty.

8 -- Villa of House Silmerhelve, a member of the Council of Twenty.

9 -- Villa of House Vhammos, a member of the Council of Twenty.

10 -- Villa of House Wands, a member of the Council of Twenty.

[edit] The City of the Dead


The City of the Dead is Highkeep's graveyard. The dead of the city are buried within the marble walls.

While the City of the Dead is warded by the power of the Mordeth Grove, not even the magicka of the Grove can prevent the dead master thieves from rising and walking again. According to the prophecies of Oneiros, the Thirteen will rise when Highkeep is in dire need, an event that has only occurred once in the history of the city -- on the Night of the Eye in the year 3000, when the Slave Princes of Kern attempted to invade Wylund.

11 -- Mausoleum of House Adarbrent.

12 -- Mausoleum of the Thirteen, final resting place of the dead master thieves of Highkeep.

13 -- Mausoleum of House Artemel.

14 -- Mausoleum of House Durinbold.

15 -- The Mordeth Grove. The Grove is an enchanted forest that grows inside the walls of the City of the Dead.

16 -- Mausoleum of House Hawkwinter, a member of the Council of Twenty.

17 -- Mausoleum of House Justheart, a member of the Council of Twenty.

18 -- Mausoleum of House Moonstar, a former member of the Council of Twenty.

19 -- Mausoleum of House Nesher, a former member of the Council of Twenty.

20 -- Mausoleum of House Stormweather, a member of the Council of Twenty.

[edit] The Temple District

The Temple District is where most of the temples of Highkeep are located. The intersection of the Street of the Gods and the Street of the Signs forms Temple Square which is also the site of the Ruby Citadel.


21 -- The House of Song (temple of Tammara).

22 -- The Tower of Dawn (temple of Solnor).

23 -- The Circle of Love (temple of Almaril).

24 -- The House of Healing (temple of Tevesh).

25 -- The Sanctum of the Shaper (temple of Oneiros).

26 -- The Arena of Valor (temple of Martreus).

27 -- The Scales of Success (temple of Llyndeiras).

28 -- The Chalice of Death (temple of Tharnak).

29 -- The Hall of Wonders (temple of Hurishta).

30 -- The Ruby Citadel, a castle formed from pure magicka that serves many functions, one of which is as the seat of the Mage Guild of Highkeep.

31 -- The Leaves of the Forest (temple of Pelindos Natarion, NG green elven Aspect of Elantra; patron of the green elves and Master of the Hunt).

32 -- The Hall of the Binder (temple of Terraénil Summaliré, CG star elven Aspect of Almaril; patron of beauty and true love).

33 -- The Tower of Mists (temple of Ciriacil Nodelathael, N star elven Aspect of Oneiros; patron of endings, prophecy and omens).

34 -- The Hall of Dawn and Dusk (temple of Arenhara Arensin, NG star elven Aspect of Tammara; patron of travel, philosophy and longevity).

[edit] The Sylvan District


The Sylvan District is home to many star elves and dawn elves, and a small handful of coral elves.

31 -- The Leaves of the Forest (temple of Pelindos Natarion, NG green elven Aspect of Elantra; patron of the green elves and Master of the Hunt).

32 -- The Hall of the Binder (temple of Terraénil Summaliré, CG star elven Aspect of Almaril; patron of beauty and true love).

33 -- The Tower of Mists (temple of Ciriacil Nodelathael, N star elven Aspect of Oneiros; patron of endings, prophecy and omens).

34 -- The Hall of Dawn and Dusk (temple of Arenhara Arensin, NG star elven Aspect of Tammara; patron of travel, philosophy and longevity).

35 -- Ederol's Maps and Charts (shop: mapmaker)

36 -- A Maiden's Tears (tavern)

37 -- The Emerald Bow (guildhall: bowyers and fletchers)

38 -- The Spouting Fish (inn and tavern)

39 -- House of Cleanliness (guildhall: launderers)

40 -- Larenthalassa's Books (shop: rare books)

41 -- Melguard's Hovel ("mayor" of West Docktown and the shantytown's longest resident beggar)

42 -- Belfthorr's Treasures (trading post)

43 -- The Golden Key (shop: locksmith)

44 -- Pelvir's Counter (shop: dried foodstuffs)

48 -- The Sleepy Sylph (inn and tavern)

[edit] The Thief District

Image:Thief District.JPG

One of the most infamous areas of Highkeep, the Thief District contains the dregs of the city. Its residents typically live afoul of the law. Only a fool or a native of the district walks at night. Even the natives do so only in dire need. Though mostly a residential district, there are quite a few shops. The Thief District is the heart of the black market. It operates openly, selling its wares in the shops.

T1 -- Playhouse of the Mind's Desire (theater)

T2 -- The Silver Eel (tavern and inn)

T3 -- Slums

T4 -- Nattick's Nimblefingers (shop: tailor)

T5 -- House of the Four Ravens (guildhall: thieves)

T6 -- The Silver Net (guildhall: extortionists)

T7 -- Mercenaries' Brotherhood (guildhall: sellswords)

T8 -- The Begging Bowl (shop: eatery)

T9 -- The Silent Needle (shop: weapons and armor)

T10 -- The Shattered Keyhole (shop: locksmith)

T11 -- The Hidden Blade (guildhall: assassins)

T12 -- Last Chance (gambling den)

[edit] The Merchants District


Centered around Silver Street, this district is the center of common trade in Highkeep,. Everyday wares and services are found here in abundance. It is strategically located next to the Thief District and is within walking distance of the docks. Merchants and other visitors to the city have no trouble finding places to spend their coin.

M1 -- A Dozen Trinkets (shop: gemsmith)

M2 -- Cat in a Cradle (shop: toymaker)

M3 -- House of Red Silks (brothel)

M4 -- The Den of Thieves (tavern)

M5 -- Harrag's Confections (shop: candies and confections)

M6 -- The Ancient Anvil (guildhall: blacksmiths)

M7 -- A Talent for Disguise (shop: wigs)

M8 -- The Grand Consortium (guildhall: merchants)

M9 -- Artful Hands (tenement)

M10 -- The Golden Globe (shop: alchemist)

M11 -- The Hall of Fleet Feet (guildhall: messengers and heralds)

M12 -- The House of Knowledge (guildhall: sages)

M13 -- The Knifehouse (shop: cutlery, knives and small weapons)

M14 -- The Spinning Wheel (shop: pottery)

M15 -- The House of Mercy (guildhouse: lawmasters)

M16 -- Zarri's Exchange (shop: usurer)

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