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[edit] Status of the campaign

This is a weekly game that runs every Saturday from 9 pm EST to 3 am EST. Sessions are held in a dedicated room on the Tangled Web server. No password is required to enter the room. If the TW server is down, we usually play on either Digital Elysium, Mayhem, Gygax Gamers or Open Veav 1.

The Damrosil campaign is really two games in one. Players cannot join one game without playing in the other.

Characters in the Damrosil game are currently 8th level. Characters in the Mel'Nethra game are currently 12th level.

Each game takes place in Andurin, although in different locations and during slightly different time periods. Each game has the potential to overlap and affect the other.

The Saturday game is the more complex of the two Andurin campaigns that I run, but is infinitely more satisfying.

[edit] Damrosil sub-campaign

The player characters seem to have conquered most of the trials placed before them and have since been returned to their own time period. Shortly after their return, they helped solve the mystery of a murderous scarecrow and investigated rumors of a flying ship.

They are travelling the land, seeking to make a name for themselves while at the same time, hoping to gain in wealth and magicka. Any increase in power will help prepare for their eventual return to Highkeep wherein they hope to finally confront the Tempest once and for all.

[edit] Party Roster

At present time, the roster is as follows:

  • Morti, NG hmW8 (shorthand for "neutral good human male 8th level wizard")
  • Thom, CG hmT8
  • Atross, LN hmF8
  • Stoneshade, LG dmP4/T4 (Natan-Ahb)
  • Maidreth, NG emF8

There are four NPCs: Drenla, NG hmW9; Maximillian, a white-haired Siamese cat; Moiraine, an orange-haired tabby cat and Ringrist, a semi-intelligent longsword. The NPCs aren't the focus of the story; the PCs are.

[edit] Mel'Nethra sub-campaign

The PCs have been summoned by none other than the Emperor of Mel'Cendia himself, in an effort to overcome the plots of a lich and an arcane cabal who seek to bring about the destruction of the Second Empire.

[edit] Party Roster

Presently, the Mel'Nethra group roster consists of the following:

  • Calehan, NG hmW12
  • Helisandra, CG hefT12
  • Garret, CG hmF12

The Mel'Nethra campaign is currently suspended. When we resume, any players who have since joined the Damrosil sub-campaign will have the opportunity to create characters. There are 4 openings for the sub-campaign.

[edit] Structure

The Damrosil campaign is one half of an epic story that occurs in Andurin. Whereas the Tolmara campaign is concerned with saving a kingdom and ultimately, a soul, the heroes of the Damrosil campaign seek to prevent the destruction of all they hold dear -- past, present and that which is still to come.

[edit] Main campaign storyline - Damrosil

Throughout the history of Andurin, there has been a conflict between the Light and the Dark. Now that conflict is coming a head. A being from another world, one known as Shai'tan, seeks to remake the world in his image. Opposing him are an array of diverse factions and individuals, such as the Aes Sedai, the reincarnation of a personage known as "The Dragon Reborn", the mysterious Gairlandeans and the player characters themselves.

Although this incarnation of Shai'tan is not from Andurin, his shadow threatens to alter the course of history unless he is stopped.

Thus the battle between Light and Dark; at stake is the destiny of the world. The battle occurs not only in the present, but in the past. Without the past, there is no future.

[edit] Light and Dark

That which stands for Light represents free choice and will. That which stands for Dark represents evil without redemption. Throughout the history of Andurin, there has been a conflict between these two cosmic forces, yet none so great as the battle taking place right now.

In the end, a choice will be made and the consequences of that choice will determine the fate of the world until the next Age comes again.

[edit] The Tempest

The city of Highkeep was once a shining jewel in the kingdom of Wylund. A bustling port city, it was known as the gateway of the Southern Coast as ships and merchants from far-off, distant lands came to do business under the banner of the Diamond Throne. Now the city is a shadow of its former self, and the people held in the iron grip of a person known as the Tempest. Priests of all religions have been banned and temples have been abandoned. A spell has been cast over the once-proud city, even as its magic deceives Wylund's king.

Who is the Tempest and what are her plans?

[edit] Etienne d'Amberville

Etienne d'Amberville was one of the most powerful mages in Andurin's history. A refugee from another world, he led his family to safety and contributed much knowledge and lore. However, as long-lived as they were, his family descended into the grip of madness. Cursed by the gods, the d'Ambervilles are imprisoned in a magical chateau, doomed to live forever trapped in time and space.

And yet the keys to their freedom lie in the verses of a strange and unusual prophecy....a prophecy that can only be broken by people not of their kin.

[edit] The High King of Damrosil

Two centuries ago, the last king of Alalminor was deposed in favor of a High Council. Now, however, things are going badly, and a restless populace longs for the days of the ancient kingship. The High Council is floundering, and the political situation is turning ugly.

It was then that the Brothers of Lugh, an ancient order of monks, discovered a long-forgotten prophecy. In Alalminor's time of greatest need, a long-dead king will rise to restore order. The party has been chosen to prove that this is the time of the prophecy. They will take the first steps towards restoring the High King to his throne.

[edit] The House of Cards

Description forthcoming.

[edit] Conquest of the Ily-thi'ri

Description forthcoming.

[edit] Main campaign storyline - Mel'Nethra

The plots of the dark lich Acererak are circles within circles, plans within plans. They double back amongst themselves with no seeming logic, without a semblance of order. And yet, each threatens to come to fruition with its goal, the ultimate destruction of the Second Empire.

A group of heroes from a far-off land has arrived in ancient Mel'Cendia. Though their memories are riven from themselves, they must discover what Acererak intends for Mel'Cendia and in the process, rediscover themselves and their purpose.

[edit] Acererak, the Undying

An ancient scroll divines the location of the dark lich's tomb. What lies within its depths? All those who have entered thus far have not returned.

[edit] A pact with Briocht

In exchange for an item of great power, one of the Drakkari Orbs, the characters make a binding pact with Briocht, an emerald drake. They agree to recover a ring with magicka from the Second Age from one of Acererak's secret tombs. However, upon retrieving the ring, they find that Briocht is held in thrall by none other than their elusive enemy.

[edit] Bzallin's Blacksphere

A servant of Acererak, Bzallin the Cruel, has perfected a spell with the potential to unleash a catastrophe of epic proportions. The characters must find a way to destroy a blacksphere before it totally obliterates an Imperial city. If they fail, the dark lich's next target will be the capital of the Empire itself.

[edit] Five Coins for an Empire

Description forthcoming.

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