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[edit] History of Andurin

On Andurin, different cultures use various methodologies to depict the passage of time in the world.

Humans tend to divide time according to either a solar or lunar calendar, whilst most demi-human races mark time according to important events that have occurred in the history of the world. For instance, on one level, elves mark the passage of time according to a stellar year, each "year" being three solar years in length. On another level, they also subscribe to the notion of Ages, preferring to see time as both a minor phenomenon and a major phenomenon.

The concept of an Age means that divisions of time within Andurin can be discerned between events of major historical significance. Such events tend to be occasions that have impacted the progression of history within the world. By "history", this usage of this term in this context does not mean history of one nation or race, but rather an event that impacts the lives of a wide cross-section of peoples and races.

No one knows as to how many Ages there are within the span of time allotted to Andurin; however, all are in agreement that four Ages have passed thus far, and that the world is now engaged in a fifth Age, also known as the Age of Unity. There is a prophecy that states that the events of this Age will sorely test individuals living in the world in this time, and that all must stand together or perish together as a result.

The First Age, the Age of Creation, began with the creation of Andurin by the gods. It ended once the gods swore amongst themselves to live apart from the mortal plane forever until the end of eternity, to dwell in their infinite fastness within the celestial realm of Sul. The High God, who is both apart from the gods and composed of each of the gods, decreed that from this moment onwards, Sul and Andurin would be known to the multiverse as the realm of Sularin and separated Sularin from the rest of existence. The High God further decreed that a natural Balance would hold forth between Sul and Andurin, that events that occurred on the celestial plane would be mirrored to a minor extent on the mortal plane, and that the fates of one realm would be intertwined with the other. Lastly, so that Balance would be given meaning, Order and Chaos took form and began their eternal struggle for dominance over the fate of mortals and over the gods. Throughout the course of the history of Sularin, the pendulum has shifted between one or the other, but has always returned to a neutral position.

The Second Age, known as the Age of Passage, began with the imprisonment of Illaenth by the gods Solnor and Gorgauth. This Event caused a crack in the fabric of reality within Sularin, and drew a Being known as the Dark One, or Shai'tan, from a world elsewhere within the multiverse. Because of this act, the Celestial Jewel became marred with imperfection, and would lead to an event on the mortal plane centuries later that would cause much misery amongst all.

The Age of Passage saw many things of importance amongst the races of the world, notably the rise of dwarvenkin as the pre-eminent race on Andurin, and the creation of many items of magicka that are still spoken of in tones of hushed awe and wonder, in both song and legend. It ended in tears and recrimination, when the elves warred amongst their kind, which led to the scattering of elvenkin on Naranduil and elsewhere throughout the world.

The Third Age, the Age of Men, lasted for well over one thousand years, during which time dwarvenkin began an inevitable decline whilst humanity began its ascendancy. New heights of magicka and lore were reached, a level which has not been equalled in succeeding Ages. This Age had no major conflicts apart from an incident that occurred early on, amongst the elves, when a human was brought by an elf to view the most sacred living artifact of the People, the Tree of the Sky. Because of this, a rift developed between the various branches of elvenkin as to the philosophies that would guide them with respect to living with others on Andurin. This rift is slowly healing, for elves are long-lived and have long memories of past deeds. The third Age ended with the Invoked Devastation on Naranduil, which caused a scattering, not only of humans but of all others. The effects of the Devastation caused a monumental shift in both the physical and temporal realities of the mortal realm. It is for this reason alone that access to tenth-level spells and above has been removed from the minds of mortal ken. The upheaval caused by the Devastation is still ongoing on many levels, for instance, in societal reactions towards wizards and magic, and in social relations between elvenkin and forestkin towards Men, to name a few. Lastly, the Devastation itself was caused by the celestial Event, centuries before, when two gods conspired amongst each other to gain power for themselves.

The Fourth Age, the Age of Rebirth, began in the aftermath of the Devastation. It ended in the 822nd year of the Praxthian calendar -- the Year of the Forge Song, when the Treaty of the Shieldbearer was signed amongst various countries in western Telluria. Elsewhere on Andurin, many conflicts amongst various countries and nations were resolved, some amicably, others more or less satisfactorily. Although conflict would still occur on a minor extent, there would be almost no wide ranging world-spanning upheavals for some time to come. Thus did the Age of Rebirth pass into this Fifth Age, the Age of Unity.

What trials shall come to pass have only begun to be recorded.

[edit] Overview

This timeline is divided into several sections. The first section lists historical events that occurred during Year 0 of the Noldrian calendar. This calendar is a lunar calendar used mainly by priests of Potmos, one of the Aspects of Oneiros, the god of dreams, prophecy, Fate and time.

Roughly three thousand years of history precede the main campaign timeline for the Vathar campaign and the Damrosil campaign.

Rebirth of the Phoenix describes events that occurred in the roughly two millenia that occurred between the catastrophic end of the Empire of Thae and the founding of Mel'Cendia. During this time, other events occurred around the world in the wake of the Invoked Devastation, but the main outlook of this timeline will be the development of civilization on Telluria with a specific focus on the Second Empire.

Glory of the Empire describes events that occur between years 2000 and 3000, during which the Second Empire reached its height. During the intervening centuries, Mel'Cendia reached the apex of its civilization until the formation of the Southern Kingdoms wherein it embarked on a slow decline, the ramifications of which are playing out in the Mel'Nethra campaign.

The individual campaign timelines list events that occur at specific intervals that directly link to summaries of the relevant campaigns elsewhere on this wiki.

[edit] The Invoked Devastation

0, the Year of Garthagos' Vengeance

  • An attempt to bind the soul of an Abyssal prince to a holy relic of Odion by an artifice-magus causes the Invoked Devastation which spreads swiftly across the continent of Naranduil like unchecked wildfire. Like ripples in a pond from a tossed pebble, chaos waves ripple outwards all over the continent, spreading as far as the western shores of Telluria, changing the nature of reality to a large extent. The Thaecian Empire disintegrates literally overnight as a battered and terrified populace lashes out against its beleaguered rulers. Three Citadels are destroyed by the chaos waves leaving vast areas of devastation in the countryside.

  • In response to a prediction of impending doom by their revered Seer, the elves of Amariloth decide to begin a Retreat to the realm of Synnoria, to the north.

  • Rise of the city-state of Nord'athaq, several hundred leagues to the northeast of present day Gwythnecht.

  • The elfdom of Eilanterae-tath enters the beginning of a golden age, as its diplomats negotiate a series of binding and lasting alliances with the elfdom's various neighbors and city-states. Elven high mages extend the shield surrounding the elfdom's lands to all alllied territories. The shield proves invaluable in enabling the shielded territory to escape unscathed from the destruction wrought by the Devastation and its lingering aftermath.

  • Pharoah Ahmset IV dies, marking the beginning of the Tholin Dynasty in eastern Akhandria. Elsewhere, Crown Prince Abdul ibn Farez ibn Soqal ibn Shayallah al-Huzuzi becomes Grand Caliph of Zayal, and the first devotee of Enlightenment. He establishes the Lore of the Lawgiver and of Fate in his land.

  • The elder crimson drake, Aztyrandriel dies in a spectacular explosion as a result of a failed invocation in her battle against a trio of sunrise drakes over a dormant volcano on a deserted island in the middle of the Sea of Ciozarth. Her death sets off a last word curse, which causes the volcano to reawaken violently and creates a permanent vortex to the elemental plane of Fire. The changes wrought in the Sunless Lands by this cataclysmic event include an unexpected and catastrophic collapse of the cavern housing the drow city of urShma'zad.

[edit] Rebirth of the Phoenix

150, the Year of the Shadowdoom

  • Refugees from the Thaecian Empire that managed to survive unscathed flee to the far reaches of Naranduil. They are rejected by several countries who hold them responsible for the abberations and destruction wrought by the Devastation and its aftermath. After much debate amongst the surviving clans, a crossing of the Sea of Endless Stars is attempted.
  • Bal-shal II, consul of Nord'athaq, founds the Dark Lancers of Zhalkin, thus ushering in a new age of terror for the city-state and the surrounding territory. The Dark Lancers, an order of shadow knights dedicated to serving the cause of Azrastersos (the NE Aspect of Gorgauth and god of undeath, corruption and intrigue) eventually turn on their founder, plunging the city-state into turmoil.
  • Tsien Wen-ming, August Emperor of the Celestial Jade Throne, Ruler of All Lands Under Heaven and Lord of the Shan-bao Empire is revealed to be a hu hsien masquerading as a human. He is summarily executed, but not before he implicates the Okura clan for manipulating events which led to the kidnapping and death of the real Emperor.

220, the Year of the Twilight Drake

  • The fledgling kingdom of Mel'Cendia is founded by surviving Thaecian refugees crossing the Sea of Endless Stars.
  • Elsewhere, on the continent of Telluria, The Circle of Sorcery is established, and an edict is proclaimed that certain types of magical practices are hereby forbidden. Such practices include artifice-magic, mentalism and cabalism. In order to enforce this edict, the Circle creates the office of the Magister with the blessing of the goddess Hurishta. The Test is instituted as a means of weeding out those who would wield magic irresponsibly without thought or care to their actions. Representatives are sent out over the course of the next decade to all places where Thaecians live or have resettled, and tasked to announce this declaration and to invite all wizards to join.
  • The spread of Enlightenment comes into contact with the harsh and autocratic regime of the Tholin Dynasty in Zayal. Though reaction is harsh and swift, the seeds of change are planted, as more and more missionaries infiltrate Zayalan society and spread their beliefs.
  • Etienne d'Amberville leads his exiled siblings from the world of Averoigne and settles in what shall become southeastern Wylund. Construction of Chateau d'Amberville commences.
  • After receiving a prophetic vision from Lolth, House do'Nardenae leads a group of refugee drow from the ruined city of urShma'zad to found the fledgling city of Erelhei-cinlu.

500, the Year of Jambiya's Tears

  • The humans of Mel'Cendia begin to exert their influence beyond the borders of their land. Mel'Cendia expands rapidly to the north and east, eventually reaching the southern borders of Khabad-dun. Skirmishes between the dwarves and the humans lead to an uneasy truce. An expedition beyond the Galandarel Mountains is attempted which leads to a long and bloody conflict with Zayal, in which the Mel'Cendians lose.
  • Construction of the Citadel of Bone is completed in Mel Dorath.
  • Civil war envelops the Empire of Shan-bao, causing it to withdraw into itself. This causes several colonies and city-states to reassert their will and declare independence. The Empire never regains its former footing as a result of this internecine conflict.
  • Alarmed by the aggressive tendencies of the Mel'Cendians, the elves of Synnoria close their borders and withdraw from the world of humans.
  • A wildmagic tempest of mysterious origin envelops the city-state of Nord'athaq, wreaking untold destruction on all within its borders.
  • Eclavdra do'Nardenae is born.
  • The fortunes of Salbeliipoorn, a city-state of illithids in the Underrealms begin to wax as Hive Mage Zhald discovers a way to meld psionic powers with invocation and alteration based magic.
  • The city of Nith'Tar Valon is founded. Construction of the White Tower begins.

822, the Year of the Forge Song

  • A pact of peace is signed between the Empire of Mel'Cendia, Cyradia, and the dwarves of Khabad-dun. The Treaty of the Shieldbearer solves the most pressing problems of this age. Legend states that the Treaty was sealed with the sweat of a patriarch of Bralvanyr, the tears of a battlelord of Shandralar, and the breath of a harmony-master of Tevesh.

1100, the Year of the Amber Prison

  • Chateau d'Amberville disappears from its foundations and vanishes into a planar rift.
  • A triple conjunction of Bevir, Elantyreth and Tintagel occurs over Mount Portaris, the tallest mountain in the Galandarel range.
  • The Sword known as Townsaver first appears in the hands of a renegade Cyradian cheysuli (war-chieftain dedicated to serving Cyradia's honor) who slaughtered twenty legions of Mel'Cendian cavalry and two sapphire drakes before dying of internal hemorrhaging and exhaustion.
  • The dawn elves of Synnoria elect to Retreat to the island of Feandöril, several leagues to the south. The remaining star elves retain sovereignty of their lands, rename it Quenaris, and cede a portion of their realm to the Empire of Mel'Cendia in exchange for Imperial recognition and a treaty binding all concerned parties to a permanent non-interference with each other's internal affairs.
  • The Treaty of the Shieldbearer is also amended to include the star elves. Mel'Cendia begins an unprecedented southern expansion. Duiring the next seven centuries, the Empire enters a golden age of peace and high civilization. The Empire passes through a succession of emperors of the Homannan line, the majority of whom rule with just and benign hands. Houses Aquilius and Carillon are founded around this time.
  • Construction of the White Tower at Nith'Tar Valon is completed. Representatives of the Aes Sedai journey to the [Andurin: Continents/Telluria/Wylund/Diamond Citadel|Diamond Citadel] and deliver a message of non-interference with the affairs of the Circle of Sorcery and wizards/sorcerers in general. The White Tower and the Circle enter into a binding compact, in which each side swears to uphold respect for each other through their common bond with the goddess Hurishta. However, neither side trusts each other fully, yet each is unable or unwilling to commit to a full conflict with each other, as both entities are still in their infancy.
  • Pharoah Thakok-An of Idrisa dies mysteriously, and without an heir. His death precipitates a vicious battle by his siblings for control of the throne. The head imam of the mosque of Vashti makes an impassioned plea for valiant and compassionate warriors to save the country from internal destruction: the Enlightened city-state of Qudra is only too happy to comply. With the help of three other city-states, mamluks lead an invasion of Idrisa, and a puppet government is set up.
  • Lyme do'Nardenae is born.

1800, the Year of the Mud Sorcerers

  • Gradually, the Mel'Cendian emperors begin to abuse and exploit their subjects. After an increasing amount of repression and taxation, the provinces in the outer regions of the Empire begin to revolt. These skirmishes are usually brief, but quite violent. The emperors are forced to use their troops regularly, and each rebellion is larger than its predecessor. Civil war eventually engulfs the Empire, causing its neighbors to react with disgust and break off all diplomatic ties. Rumors of invasion from various barbarian tribes to the northwest abound. In response to this diplomatic void, Mel'Cendia breaks off hostilities and grants the provinces of Wylund, Toralin and Kern full independence, shifting its focus internally.
  • The cult of Kaia Jezule experiences a renaissance and dies abruptly, after a plot to manipulate the Imperial throne is exposed.

[edit] Glory of the Empire

2000, the Year of the Sardonyx Crown

  • After a final revolt by the inhabitants of the Empire against their Imperial oppressors, a group of Senators succeed in a coup d'etat and unseat Emperor Crystabal IX by having him assassinated, and elevating a Cyradian noble to the Sardonyx Throne.
  • Praxis I becomes Emperor and institutes sweeping change throughout Mel'Cendia. Each province is granted quasi-independence, and becomes a semi-autonomous kingdom, with allegiance to the Empire. The Imperial seat of power is relocated to the city of Mel Nethra in the province of Mel Cend (which remains a province). A Council of Advisors is formed to advise the Emperor on the interests of the Empire. The Council is composed of the individual kings and queens from each kingdom.
  • This marks Year 0 in the Praxthian calendar.
  • First human discovery of what is now present day Keenreach by a fleet of surveyor ships from the Grand Duchy of Kern. Overland explorers and surveyors from the Kingdom of Wylund experience first sighting of present-day Damrosil.
  • Nomadic tribesmen from the eastern Fhaard settle in what is now western Damrosil. A double lunar eclipse of Elantyreth and Bevir occurs over what is now eastern Gwythnecht.

2031, the Year of the Winged Trident

  • Praxis I dies. Ascension of Kellin I. A tradition is started where the Emperor is wed to the first-born daughter of each king or queen of Mel'Cendia's satellite kingdoms.
  • Colonists from Wylund and from Kern arrive via overland trail and ships in what is now Keenreach and southwestern Damrosil, respectively.

2162, the Year of the Chaos Knight

  • Tolmara is founded as a trading post on the main tradeway between Whytsun and Griffonsmere in central Wylund.
  • Construction of the Sapphire Citadel is begun in Pelham.
  • Colony of Cyrdd is established by Prince Edrius of Kern.
  • First discovery of Stonegate Circle in present-day northern Keenreach.

2175, the Year of Black Roses

  • Colonies of Damrosil, Gwythnecht and Wyndfaste formally established by Mel'Cendian explorers.
  • Colonies of Keenreach and Brynnel formally established by Kernin colonists and their merchant-dukes. All five colonies, along with Cyrdd, pledge allegiance to their home countries, but their hearts lie closer to their new homelands.

2191, the Year of the Nexus

  • Strahallin II of Mel'Cendia breaks the Treaty of the Shieldbearer and invades Cyradia in a desparate and misguided attempt to alleviate rampant famine. The Cyradians resist bitterly, but to no avail.
  • First recorded contact with the il-Ruene in the former elfdom of Amariloth, located in eastern Gwythnecht.

2200, the Year of Solnor's Justice

  • Creation of the Council of Alalminor. The name of the Council is taken from the star elven phrase 'elil menas' which means "tempered steel", the implication meaning that the members of the Council form an alliance stronger than the mightiest sword as long as that alliance holds true. The treaty establishing the Council provides for each member country's independence while requiring each member to contribute to the general defense of all. The priesthood of Bralvanyr adds a provision that the office of a High King be created to lead the entire Council. The Keeper of the Scroll (title of the highest level priestess of Oneiros) lets it be known that such an individual will be recognized by the strength of his or her character, along with certain other identifying characteristics. To aid in this task, the legendary Sword known as Samirien ("Doomgiver" in Feyth-alin (ancient elvish)), a sword reputed to have once been wielded by the god Olethros and imbued with a fraction of his essence, is presented by the Keeper to the patriarch of Bralvanyr in Damrosil. A provision is added by all concerned parties that the Pact of the Council be renewed every century, although this last is now a mere formality.
  • Ascension of Alendus I to Damrosil's throne (from here on, all mention of kings or queens will be those of Damrosil only, unless otherwise noted).

2443, the Year of Eternal Guidance

  • Erection of the Hall of Eternal Guidance, temple to Bralvanyr, in the city of Verith. The Temple is the most magnificent temple dedicated to the god of honor, valor and justice in the entire Council.
  • The elfdom of Feandöril opens diplomatic ties with Brynnel, due in part with the kingdom's emphasis on druidism and widespread worship of the Tuatha de Dannan by its people.

2500, the Year of Storms

2550, the Year of the Patternchange

  • The Night of a Thousand Tears ushers in the beginning of a dark age for Mel'Cendia as the entire ruling house of Hahnmmor is eliminated by the Shadowfyre, a nefarious cabal of assassins, artifice-mages and charnel priests whose only interest is to spread the worship of Garagos (a LE Aspect of Gorgauth, emphasizing the portfolio of tyranny, hatred and destruction).
  • Lascron I dies. Ascension of Karnac the Pretender -- who dies in a freak hunting accident. Ascension of Agneus I.

2598, the Year of Llywelyn's Bane

  • Driven by delusions of power and immortality, Loring, Duke of the Fendian Marches, commits regicide and slays seven other nobles in line for the throne. He takes the mantle of King, and reigns for three months, before dying of swamp fever.

2600, the Year of the Labyrinth Queen

2650, the Year of the Unborn Sorcerer

2673, the Year of Sacrifices

  • A chaos mage, turned lich named Zalastor, opens a series of portals to another plane in the Galandarel Mountains, from which pour forth hordes of humanoid creatures such as ogres, goblins, orcs and trolls. He barely manages to subjugate the creatures and sends them forth to conquer the surrounding lands. The Goblin War begins.

2675, the Year of Kerrin's Cauldron

  • The ferocity of the humanoid incursions crystallizes an alliance between Wylund, Kern, Toralin, and the city-states of the Fhaard.
  • Drellin the Scholar, the first Witch-King of Damrosil, dies in a spectacular conflagration after miscasting a complex conjuration. Argunth, his son, gains the throne and gradually unites the various members of the Council against the goblin hordes. He is elected Alalminor's first High King, but not before being murdered by a drow assassin. Accession of Rikar, also known as the Roarer, to the throne of Damrosil.

2677, the Year of the Spyder Codex

  • Zalastor vanishes mysteriously from his mountain holdfast, thus terminating the magical link to each planar portal. The humanoid horde rapidly disperses upon losing magical contact with their overlord. The Goblin War ends.
  • Wylund, Toralin, Kern, and the Fhaard join in a binding treaty to come to each other's aid if need be. Each nation begins to rebuild their devastated lands.

2700, the Year of Truth

  • Llywelyn the Just is crowned High King of the Council of Alalminor.

2750, the Year of the Amethyst Prism

2800, the Year of the Stormhammer

2816, the Year of the Mirror Dhej

  • Elamurix Celendil is born.

2850, the Year of the Sparrowshroud

2881, the Year of the Garden Temple

  • Asianna Corsair is born.

2900, the Year of the Thirteen Warnings

  • Accession of Alendus II to the throne of Damrosil. His reign proves to be a short one as he begins to oppress the population of Damrosil almost immediately after his coronation. After passing a series of edicts that literally drive hundreds into debt just from an almost endless cycle of tithes and taxes, the people revolt. Mobs surged through the streets of the capital city of Verith, forced their way into the palace and ransacked it. The royal family exiles themselves to Gwythnecht.
  • Alendus himself was executed. Everything of value was carried away and all else burned. The monarchy was replaced by a council made up of the various mayors and town burghers and is headed by the main patriarch of Bralvanyr in Damrosil.

2929, the Year of the Ashen Veil

  • Morduin of Tevesh is born.

2950, the Year of the Gravebound Staff

2954, the Year of the Desert Thunderstorm

  • Garath Tremaine is born.
  • Melisana Rothovien is born.

2963, the Year of Purity

  • Alyssa of Wylund is born to Obleras II, marking her heir to the throne of Wylund. Great rejoicing occurs, since the King's consort has been barren till now.

[edit] Campaign Timeline: Prologue

2999, the Year of Portents

Alrenas (August)

1 Alrenas

  • Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan, an ambitious sister of the Red Ajah, overthrows Siuan Sanche, the ruling Amyrlin and formerly of the Blue Ajah, and assumes the Amyrlin Seat herself; in response, the Aes Sedai split into armed camps, one in support of Elaida and one in rebellion.

3000, the Year of the Brood Sigil

Cimrin (January)

  • Emperor Xandriel IV of Mel'Cendia dies, of extreme old age. A misogynist, Xandriel died without an heir even though he remained married to each of his nine wives as required by Imperial law. For the first time in recorded history, the Empire of Mel'Cendia experiences a brief void in its continuity. The Imperial Mother of the People and First Consort, Philandara Sharlassa declares herself Empress; through political machinations by the viziers of the Court, her declaration is approved, whereupon she immediately marries the King of Cyradia, Dantras IX. Her accession and subsequent marriage fulfill the first step in an age-old prophecy that spells the beginning of the end for Mel'Cendia.
  • A ressurected branch of the Shadowfyres manages to assassinate almost all of the entire royal family of Wylund except for Princess Alyssa who was sent away to be tutored. The guild is revealed to be backed by the Grand Duchy of Kern, who has long had designs on its former allies.

Wintermoon (February)

  • An invasion of Wylund soon follows, on the Kernin pretext of "protecting" the populace from any ensuing chaos, and to "help ensure" the continuity of the rule of law.

Maia (May)

  • The Withering (an extremely virulent strain of the bubonic plague, coupled with a magical version of Ebola) arrives in eastern Mel'Cendia. Curiously, dwarves are unaffected.

Lotherin (June)

  • The [Andurin: Continents/Telluria/League of Thendras|League of Thendras] (a theocracy dedicated to Odion (a LN Aspect of Solnor)) sends waves of missionaries to all lands affected by the plague. Skirmishes occur between the Mel'Cendians and the Thendrans.

Elegin (September)

  • The Withering sweeps a wide swath of death through Mel'Cendia, down through Toralin, and diverges into two paths -- one to Kern, and one to Wylund. Both countries experience a death toll numbering in the tens of thousands.

Aluvinal (October)

  • The Withering arrives in western Damrosil and also in Cyrdd. By the end of the year, the plague seems to have run its course, but not before it has decimated over half of the population in each region it has visited.

28 Aluvinal

  • An interventionist armada from the island kingdom of [Andurin: Continents/Telluria/Gairlandia|Gairlandia] arrives in Wylund on behalf of the exiled Regent, Princess Alyssa. Resistance from the occupying Kernin proves to be fierce, even with the onslaught of the plague. Another armada arrives in Kern, and proceeds to invade that country. The Gairlandin in Wylund join forces with a coalition army composed of soldiers mustered by the Wylundi, Ulu’taari barbarians, elves from Miir, and forces from the Council of Alalminor. Together, they force the Kernin out of Wylund and Toralin. Hostilities cease a few weeks later.

3010, the Year of the Bastard Prince

  • Accession of Alyssa III to the throne of Wylund.
  • A coalition composed of rulers from various lands in western Telluria meets in Mel Nethra to renew an expanded version of the Treaty of the Shieldbearer. Included among them are the various provincial rulers and kings of the Empire of Mel'Cendia, the Regent of Toralin, Queen Alyssa III of Wylund, the Lord-princes of Gairlandia, the thanes of Khabad-dun, and the Songweaver of Stars from Feandöril.

3016, the Year of the Rivening

  • The Great War of the Houses occurs in Erelhei-cinlu.

3020, the Year of the Ihlini Warlock

  • Marriage of Queen Alyssa III to Lord Falconedge, of Wylund.
  • Garath Tremaine is elected Magister of the Diamond Citadel by a near-unanimous vote of the Circle of Sorcery.
  • The drow runecaster, P'ndarl, becomes Master of the Pillar in Erelhei-cinlu.
  • A new thieves' guild called the Blackwatch, asserts control in the city of Caersyn. The guild soon proves to be a stabilizing force in the city's social fabric.
  • Corshan Bal-shal, now a demi-lich, awakens from centuries' old slumber and reasserts control of the ruined city-state of Nord'athaq, bringing it into conflict with the White Tower at Nith'Tar Valon. Rumors of flights of various evil drakes flocking to the ruined capital begin to circulate in the eastern parts of Alalminor.
  • Thendri closes its borders to all outsiders as its component city-states undergo a series of religious schisms that threaten to destroy the unity of the League.
  • Nura bint Mamoon al-Muftahir becomes the thirty-first Grand Caliph of Zayal. Her first act is to open diplomatic ties with Mel'Cendia.
  • The Tower of Eternal Contemplation (temple to Illaenth) opens its doors to the people of Tolmara. It is the first major temple to the newly risen god of individuality, freedom and self.

3021, the Year of Mourning

  • Queen Alyssa III dies in childbirth. Her child is born, but dies shortly thereafter. As there is no heir apparent, Lord Falconedge is crowned King and rules in her stead.

3025, the Year of the Feathered Viper

  • Return of Damrosil's royal family to power.
  • Accession of Shona I, the first Queen of Damrosil.

3026, the Year of the Chronos Wyrm

3027, the Year of the Leprosy Blade

3028, the Year of the Magetide

[edit] Campaign Timeline: Vathar

[edit] Campaign Timeline: Damrosil

3030, the Year of Ulharn's Dream

Cimrin (January)

1 Cimrin

Beginning of the Damrosil campaign.

  • Incident at Jeroth’s Well. Meet Drenla. Meet the three merchants.

4 Cimrin

  • Departure from Jeroth’s Well. The merchants hire the PCs to be caravan guards.

8 Cimrin

  • Arrival at Hawk’s Shadowrest. Meet Rhian Sedai. Incident with the nightshades. Rhian “sacrifices” herself in order to enable others to flee.

10 Cimrin

  • Departure from Hawk’s Shadowrest.

17 Cimrin

  • Arrival in Wintershivven. Drenla corrupted by a myrdraal in Asflag’s tower. Adventures at Asflag’s tower.

19 Cimrin

  • Meet Rhian’s shade a second time. Adventures in the Killing Keep. Rhian casts a spell that delays the influence of the Dark One from drawing Drenla in completely.

20 Cimrin

  • Departure from Wintershivven. The “merchants” part company from the party. Rhian’s shade begins to grow weaker as distance between her shade and the soulcage held by Xavick increases

26 Cimrin

  • Encounter at the well of Lord Barcus. Arrival in Tolrindel (evening). Meet Asianna Corsair. Learn of the monk Qhyjanoth.

27 Cimrin

  • Qhyjanoth’s lair. PCs release the daemon “J” into the world.

Wintermoon (February)

5 Wintermoon (evening)

  • Arrival in Tolmara, capital of Wylund. An eating contest. Meet Blaine Mistmoor.

10 Wintermoon

  • PCs defeat Narbius.

23 Wintermoon

  • An audience with His Majesty, King Falconedge. Almeena unmasked.

25 Wintermoon

  • Morti’s Test.

Tempests (March)

4 Tempests

  • Arrival in Griffonsmere. Meet Andura. Journey to island where Rhian is held prisoner.

7 Tempests

  • Drenla dies and becomes a shade. Meet the Scion of Light. Andurin’ith-en set into motion.
  • [Elsewhere] Drenla’s shade journeys into the Beyond and begins an atonement quest.

9 Tempests

  • Journey to Highkeep. Witness execution by the Tempest.

10-15 Tempests

  • In the yuan-ti caverns. Trayn’s sacrifice and death. Freedom of the slaves.

18 Tempests

  • Return to Highkeep. Audience with the Tempest.

20 Tempests

  • PCs “journey” to Chateau d’Amberville.
  • [Elsewhere] Rhian Sedai made a “guest” of the Tempest.
  • [Elsewhere] Kern severs all diplomatic ties with Wylund and closes its borders.
  • [Elsewhere, 3060] PCs free Etienne d’Amberville from his extratemporal prison. Party is sent back in time, to Lotherin, in the year 2999, to accomplish certain tasks and grow in power.

[edit] To sleep, perchance to dream

2999, the Year of Portents

Lotherin (June)

4 Lotherin

  • PCs have meeting with Gwydion. Travel to Loring's Wood. Ambush by green elves. Meet Daelan. Ascend to Prism Keep.

5 Lotherin

  • Adventures in Prism Keep. Defeat of Irinia and Kaxathros.

6 Lotherin (morning)

  • Jesitra, of the Screaming Plain escapes. Technically this is the party's second meeting with Jesitra. They had encountered "J" previously. Mnemone is released but not before prophesying for the PCs. Return of the White Spire and Alarius.

7 Lotherin (morning)

  • PCs encounter the Book of Blood.

7 Lotherin (evening)

  • Arrival at the Wheel of Time. Meet Arianrhod Cebha Sahb. Arianrhod mentions the Vale of Yvvivor.

8 Lotherin (afternoon)

  • Arrival at Mount Yvvivor. First attack of the shimmering wraths.

9 Lotherin (morning/early afternoon)

  • Discovery of Clan Yvvivor's obelisk. Second attack of the shimmering wraths.

9 Lotherin (evening)

  • Camp at base of Mount Yvvivor. Scouting of the Duke's encampment.

10 Lotherin (morning)

  • Attack of the onyx drake Noxostratos. Defeat of the Duke's forces and the drake.

(late morning)

  • Investigate islet in the middle of the Vale of Yvvivor. PCs enter the Focus of Ery'hiln.
  • The magicka of the Focus strips away the identities given to them by Etienne d'Amberville, revealing their true selves. Elamurix Celendil is revealed as Claude d'Amberville.

OOC note:

Within the Focus, time and space lose their meaning. For the PCs within the Focus, time slows to a crawl, so that for each minute spent within the Focus, one second elapses in the waking world.

Space loses it's identity, so what seems like an endless corridor is in fact a one-sided mobius strip. The characters can traverse both sides of the strip due to the twisted laws of physics that occur within the Focus.

Magicka loses it's identity and is greatly amplified so that all spell effects that occur within the Focus occur at a level three times as great as it's source. There is also a chance of backlash occurring with each spell or effect cast. You have been warned.


  • Leave Focus and Vale of Yvvivor.

12 Lotherin (mid-afternoon)

  • Arrive at the Wheel of Time. Conversation with Loring the Lost.

13 Lotherin (morning)

  • Depart from the stone circle and Ariahrhiod. Meet Rhian Sedai. Brief fight with a gholam. Gholam escapes, although severely injured.

16 Lotherin (early afternoon)

  • Meet Cytara and Morzar. Mysterious goings-on at Strathern Point.

(mid- to late afternoon)

  • Investigate trading post at Strathern Point. Find and defeat hordlings and Dineon Croneneth, now reborn as a bodak. Morti slain.
  • PCs leave Strathern Point, in low spirits, and make their way to the city of Wysos. Rhian and Drenla accompany them.

[edit] Campaign Timeline: Mel'Nethra

Alrenas (August)

1 Alrenas

  • Alternate PCs awaken in an infirmary, in the city of Kha-Shugal, capital of the province of Khumash-Gor, as guests of His Imperial Majesty, Av'rael Septim, Emperor of Mel'Cendia. Converse with Jobasha of the Chalice.

Somehow, the PCs have amnesia as if a portion of their recent past was forcibly removed from their memories.

2 Alrenas (morning)

  • Impromptu audience with the Emperor and the Matron of Kha-Shugal. Visit by Euriale of House d'Elinhir, a shadow elven wizardress.

PCs are released into the service of the Emperor. Acquaint themselves with their new surroundings. Buy or acquire supplies for their mission.

3-5 Alrenas

  • Journey to the site of the tomb of Acererak.

6 Alrenas (morning)

  • Investigate the caves in the cliffside. False entrances, trapped corridors. Discover an intricately painted corridor leading underground.
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