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[edit] Special Note on the Use of Necromancy Spells

Andurin is a world where the use of magic has consequences, and overt power often comes with a price. The use of necromantic spells in particular can endanger the caster’s very soul, and have a corrupting influence on the caster. Necromantic spells are divided here into three types, Black, White and Gray. Black Necromancy is always evil, and casting such a spell is an evil act regardless of the reason. Gray Necromancy is more open to interpretation, where the circumstances of the casting determines the danger if any. White Necromancy is always good and can be used without worry (this is the rarest type).

Spells marked with an * are unique to this campaign. They may be listed below or found within the game.

[edit] Black necromantic spells

animate dead, Armor of Undeath*, chill touch, circle of death, circle of doom, create greater undead, create undead, death knell, destruction, finger of death, ghoul touch, Gift of the Eye*, harm, inflict critical wounds, inflict light wounds, inflict minor wounds, inflict moderate wounds, inflict serious wounds, slay living, Touch of the Eye*, wail of the banshee.

[edit] Gray necromantic spells

Burning Blood*, cause fear, control undead, fear, halt undead, horrid wilting, ray of enfeeblement, Ray of Pain*, scare, speak with dead, Steal Sleep*, vampiric touch.

[edit] White necromantic spells

Ankh of Life*, cure critical wounds, cure light wounds, cure minor wounds, cure moderate wounds, cure serious wounds, death ward, gentle repose, heal, Major Reviction*, Minor Reviction*, raise dead, regenerate, ressurection, spectral hand, true ressurection.

[edit] Notes

1. raise dead -- This spell can only be cast when the caster and target are on ground consecrated to the god that provided the spell or a site holy to the god’s pantheon in general.

2. regenerate -- This spell can only regenerate one severed limb per casting if the limb is not present, or any and all severed limbs that are present and re-attached.

3. resurrection -- For this spell to function someone dear to the departed must make an oath to the god in question. The oath is enforceable as by a geas spell. In the case of evil gods, the oath must be made by someone who is owed a debt by the deceased.

4. true resurrection -- As resurrection, however the target must have been a devout follower of the god in life.

[edit] Spell Listings

It is important to mention that certain more powerful and higher level versions of spells are listed as more common than their weaker counterparts. This is because as spells rise in level they are considered to be rarer anyway, as few wizards arrive at those levels. Thus, while chain lightning is listed as uncommon, and lightning bolt is listed as rare, a 5th or 6th level uncommon spell is roughly equivalent to a very rare 2nd level spell and a rare 3rd level spell.

Note that in some areas of Andurin, spell commonalities will not apply, which accounts for the variances in power levels that PCs may encounter in the course of the campaign. There are areas which are magicka poor and areas which are magicka intensive. Range varies, but the overall power level is one of restraint.

Spells marked with an * are unique to this campaign. They may be listed below, described in this or other guides, or found within the game.

[edit] 0 level spells

Common spells: arcane mark, detect magic, detect poison, flare, light, mending, open/close, presdigitation, read magic, resistance.

Uncommon spells: dancing lights, daze, ghost sound, mage hand.

Rare spells: ray of frost.

Very rare spells: disrupt undead

[edit] 1st level spells

Common spells: alarm, endure elements, erase, grease, hold portal, lasting breath, mage armor, magic missile, message, obscuring mist, protection from good/evil/chaos/law, Radiant Spark*, shield, sleep, Turtle Soup*, ventriloquism.

Uncommon spells: burning hands, Cause Pain*, color spray, Endure Thirst*, enlarge, feather fall, hypnotism, jump, magic weapon, Mass Daze*, ray of enfeeblement, reduce, shocking grasp, Taunt*, true strike, unseen servant.

Rare spells: animate rope, cause fear, charm person, chill touch, Chromatic Orb*, comprehend languages, detect undead, expeditious retreat, identify, Metamorphose Liquids*, Mirrored Gaze*, mount, silent image, Sparking Air*, spider climb, summon monster 1.

Very rare spells: change self, detect secret doors, floating disc, magical aura, undetectable aura, Patternweave.

[edit] 2nd level spells

Common spells: daylight, darkness, darkvision, fog cloud, protection from arrows, pyrotechnics, resist elements, whispering wind.

Uncommon spells: arcane lock, blindness/deafness, blur, bull's strength, Colorburst*, endurance, flaming sphere, glitterdust, Improved Instinct*, Inflict Fatigue*, invisibility, knock, levitate, magic mouth, mirror image, misdirection, Ray of Pain*, rope trick, scare, shatter, summon swarm, web.

Rare spells: alter self, cat's grace, detect thoughts, Earthen Grasp*, ghoul touch, hypnotic pattern, Hypnotic Stare*, locate object, minor image, obscure object, see invisibility, spectral hand, summon monster 2.

Very rare spells: acid arrow, continual flame, hideous laughter, trap.

[edit] 3rd level spells

Common spells: dispel magic, displacement, gentle repose, gust of wind, hold person, magic circle against chaos/good/evil/law, protection from elements, shrink item, tongues, water breathing, wind wall.

Uncommon spells: clairaudience, clairvoyance, flame arrow, fireball, fly, greater magic weapon, haste, nondetection, secret page, slow, stinking cloud, suggestion, vampiric touch.

Rare spells: blink, Cloak of Brilliance*, explosive runes, halt undead, illusory script, lightning bolt, Long Step*, Lore of the Dead*, major image, phantom steed, sepia snake sigil, Sculpt Flesh*, sleet storm, Spirit Armor*, Stony Grasp*, summon monster 3.

Very rare spells: gaseous form, invisibility sphere, keen edge, tiny hut.

[edit] 4th level spells

Common spells: bestow curse, detect scrying, fear, illusory wall, remove curse, scrying, shout, solid fog, wall of ice.

Uncommon spells: arcane eye, confusion, contagion, dimension door, fire trap, hallucinatory terrain, ice storm, immovability, improved invisibility, minor creation, minor globe of invulnerability, polymorph other, polymorph self, rainbow pattern, stoneskin, Thunderlance*, wall of fire.

Rare spells: Awaken Shadow*, Burning Blood*, charm monster, dimensional anchor, emotion, fire shield, lesser geas, locate creature, Resist Death*, shadow conjuration, summon monster 4.

Very rare spells: black tentacles, Coldstar*, enervation, mnemonic enhancer, Power Word: Strength*, resilient sphere, secure shelter.

[edit] 5th level spells

Common spells: animal growth, fabricate, hold monster, mind fog, telekinesis, wall of iron, wall of stone.

Uncommon spells: animate dead, cone of cold, dismissal, dream, false vision, Force Shapechange*, lesser planar binding, major creation, sending, stone shape, teleport, transmute mud to rock, transmute rock to mud.

Rare spells: cloudkill, dominate person, faithful hound, feeblemind, magic jar, mirage arcana, nightmare, passwall, persistent image, prying eyes, secret chest, seeming, shadow evocation, summon monster 5, Wall of Eyes*, wall of force.

Very rare spells: contact other plane, greater shadow conjuration, interposing hand, Psychic Shield*, telepathic bond.

[edit] 6th level spells

Common spells: analyze dweomer, control water, eyebite, guards and wards, legend lore, stone to flesh.

Uncommon spells: acid fog, antimagic field, control weather, disintegrate, flesh to stone, globe of invulnerability, mass haste, mass suggestion, mislead, move earth, Power Word: Sleep*, project image, repulsion, true seeing, veil.

Rare spells: chain lightning, circle of death, contingency, geas/quest, greater shadow evocation, permanent image, planar binding, programmed image, summon monster 6, Wall of Chaos*.

Very rare spells: forceful hand, freezing sphere, lucubration, Psychic Dagger*, shades, transformation.

[edit] 7th level spells

Common spells: greater scrying, phase door, power word: stun, statue, vision.

Uncommon spells: banishment, ethereal jaunt, forcecage, insanity, sequester, spell turning, teleport without error, vanish.

Rare spells: control undead, delayed blast fireball, finger of death, Gift of the Goddess*, Gift of the Pearl*, limited wish, mass invisibility, magnificent mansion, plane shift, reverse gravity, shadow walk, simulacrum, summon monster 7, Sword of Negation*.

Very rare spells: grasping hand, instant summons, prismatic spray, Psionic Lance*, Stunted Magicka*.

[edit] 8th level spells

Common spells: antipathy, mind blank, Protection from Magicka*, sympathy.

Uncommon spells: binding, demand, discern location, etherealness, greater planar binding, iron body, polymorph any object, power word: blind, screen, sunburst, symbol.

Rare spells: horrid wilting, incendiary cloud, irresistible dance, mass charm, maze, prismatic wall, summon monster 8, trap the soul.

Very rare spells: clenched fist, clone, Deflect Magicka*, Psionic Armor*, Remembrance*, telekinetic sphere, Teleport Fireball*.

[edit] 9th level spells

Common spells: foresight, shapechange, teleportation circle.

Uncommon spells: dominate monster, freedom, gate, power word: kill, refuge, summon monster 9, temporal stasis.

Rare spells: astral projection, energy drain, imprisonment, meteor swarm, Power Word: Negation*, prismatic sphere, Prismatic Sword*, soul bind.

Very rare spells: Absorb Magicka*, Call Titan*, Codex of the Magister*, Conflagration*, crushing hand, disjunction, Hurricane*, Psionic Steed*, time stop, wail of the banshee, weird, Whirlpool*, wish, Wrath of the Magister*.

[edit] Priest Domains

Spells marked with a * are unique to this campaign.

[edit] Air

1st: obscuring mist; 2nd: wind wall; 3rd: gaseous form; 4th: air walk; 5th: control winds; 6th: chain lightning; 7th: control weather; 8th: Hurricane*; 9th: elemental swarm (air only)

[edit] Birds

1st: Summon Bird I*; 2nd: Summon Bird II*; 3rd: Summon Bird III*; 4th: Summon Bird IV*; 5th: Summon Bird V*; 6th: Bird Growth*; 7th: Bird Shapes*; 8th: Summon Roc*; 9th: Summon Eagle Lord*

[edit] Chaos

1st: protection from law; 2nd: shatter; 3rd: magic circle against law; 4th: chaos hammer; 5th: dispel law; 6th: animate objects; 7th: confusion; 8th: cloak of chaos; 9th: Spellshatter*

[edit] Earth

1st: magic stone; 2nd: soften earth and stone; 3rd: stone shape; 4th: spike stones; 5th: wall of stone; 6th: stoneskin; 7th: earthquake, 8th: Call Titan*; 9th: elemental swarm (earth only)

[edit] Fire

1st: flame blade; 2nd: produce flame; 3rd: resist elements (fire only); 4th: wall of fire; 5th: fire shield; 6th: fire seeds; 7th: fire storm; 8th: Conflagration*; 9th: elemental swarm (fire only)

[edit] Freedom

1st: remove fear; 2nd: Word of Freedom*; 3rd: Dispel Charm*; 4th: freedom of movement; 5th: break enchantment; 6th: haste; 7th: banishment; 8th: refuge; 9th: freedom

[edit] Good

1st: protection from evil; 2nd: status; 3rd: magic circle against evil; 4th: holy smite; 5th: dispel evil; 6th: atonement; 7th: holy word; 8th: holy aura; 9th: refuge.

[edit] Healing

1st: cure light wounds; 2nd: cure moderate wounds; 3rd: cure serious wounds; 4th: cure critical wounds; 5th: healing circle; 6th: heal; 7th: regenerate; 8th: mass heal; 9th: true ressurection

[edit] Knowledge

1st: comprehend languages; 2nd: detect thoughts; 3rd: clairaudience/clairvoyance; 4th: divination; 5th: true seeing; 6th: Gift of Hurishta*; 7th: legend lore; 8th: discern location; 9th: foresight

[edit] Law

1st: command; 2nd: calm emotions; 3rd: magic circle against chaos; 4th: order's wrath; 5th: dispel chaos; 6th: hold monster; 7th: dictum; 8th: shield of law; 9th: Unyielding Principle*

[edit] Love

1st: remove fear; 2nd: scare; 3rd: sending; 4th: tongues; 5th: emotion; 6th: seeming; 7th: refuge; 8th: holy aura; 9th: miracle.

[edit] Luck

1st: entropic shield; 2nd: aid; 3rd: protection from elements; 4th: freedom of movement; 5th: break enchantment; 6th: mislead; 7th: spell turning; 8th: (un)holy aura; 9th: miracle.

[edit] Magicka

1st: Insight of the Magister*; 2nd: identify; 3rd: dispel magic; 4th: mnemonic enhancer; 5th: imbue with spell ability; 6th: spell resistance; 7th: spell turning; 8th: greater spell immunity; 9th: Power Word: Negation*

[edit] Missionary

1st: charm person; 2nd: enthrall; 3rd: Divine Raiment*; 4th: suggestion; 5th: fire shield; 6th: Inquisition*; 7th: Incite*; 8th: sympathy; 9th: miracle.

[edit] Moon

1st: Moonglow*; 2nd: Low Light Vision*; 3rd: Moonbeam*; 4th: dream; 5th: emotion; 6th: Mirror of Tintagel*; 7th: Changer's Bane*; 8th: Body of Moonlight*; 9th: Wrath of the Heavens*.

[edit] Negation

1st: erase; 2nd: see invisibility; 3rd: dispel magic; 4th: minor globe of invulnerability; 5th: globe of invulnerability; 6th: antimagic field; 7th: spell turning; 8th: Absorb Magicka*; 9th: Power Word: Negation*

[edit] Plant

1st: entangle; 2nd: barkskin; 3rd: plant growth; 4th: control plants; 5th: wall of thorns; 6th: repel wood; 7th: Gutroot*; 8th: command plants; 9th: horrid wilting

[edit] Prophecy

1st: detect evil/good; 2nd: augury; 3rd: dream; 4th: divination; 5th: contact other plane; 6th: geas; 7th: legend lore; 8th: discern location; 9th: foresight

[edit] Protection

1st: sanctuary; 2nd: shield other; 3rd: protection from the elements; 4th: spell immunity; 5th: spell resistance; 6th: word of recall; 7th: repulsion; 8th: mind blank; 9th: prismatic sphere

[edit] Strength

1st: endure elements; 2nd: Ignore Pain*; 3rd: bull's strength; 4th: Unceasing Stamina*; 5th: righteous might; 6th: stoneskin; 7th: shout; 8th: Power Word: Strength*; 9th: iron body

[edit] Sun

1st: Radiance of Solnor*; 2nd: heat metal; 3rd: continual light; 4th: fire shield; 5th: flame strike; 6th: fire seeds; 7th: sunray; 8th: sunburst; 9th: Embrace of the Lightwalker*

[edit] Thunder

1st: Thunderblow*; 2nd: protection from lightning; 3rd: Thunderclap*; 4th: lightning bolt; 5th: Aura of Lightning*; 6th: Living Lightning*; 7th: chain lightning; 8th: Summon Thundercloud*; 9th: storm of vengeance

[edit] Travel

1st: expeditious retreat; 2nd: Lighten Load*; 3rd: Remove Fatigue*; 4th: tiny hut; 5th: tree stride; 6th: find the path; 7th: Monster Mount*; 8th: phase door; 9th: Dream Travel*

[edit] Trickery

1st: change self; 2nd: invisibility; 3rd: non-detection; 4th: confusion; 5th: mislead; 6th: false vision; 7th: screen; 8th: polymorph any object; 9th: time stop

[edit] War

1st: divine favor; 2nd: spiritual weapon; 3rd: magical vestment; 4th: divine power; 5th: flame strike; 6th: heroes' feast; 7th: power word: stun; 8th: summon monster 8; 9th: power word: kill

[edit] Warding

1st: arcane lock; 2nd: magic circle of protection; 3rd: glyph of warding; 4th: explosive runes; 5th: greater glyph of warding; 6th: forbiddance; 7th: Dimensional Ward*; 8th: symbol; 9th: Harmonious Refuge*

[edit] Water

1st: obscuring mist; 2nd: fog cloud; 3rd: water breathing; 4th: ice storm; 5th: control water; 6th: cone of cold; 7th: freezing sphere; 8th: Whirlpool*; 9th: elemental swarm (water only)

[edit] Weather

1st: Predict Weather*; 2nd: obscuring mist; 3rd: call lightning; 4th: control temperature (10' radius), 5th: control winds; 6th: Weather Summoning*; 7th: control weather; 8th: chain lightning; 9th: storm of vengeance

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