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[edit] Status of the campaign

The Vathar campaign is roughly four months old, having begun in August 2010. This game is currently on hiatus and will be re-starting at the end of April 2011.

Sessions are held every Friday on OpenRPG on either the Mayhem or Open Veav 1 servers, and run from 9:30 pm to 1 am EST.

Party roster is as follows:

  • Joroch, LG hmPal2 of Bralvanyr
  • Mogar, NG dmF1/C1 of Natan-Ahb
  • Rynn, CG hfW2 (channeler)
  • Spugnoir, N hmW2 (invoker) -- NPC
  • Furnok the Fabulous, NG hgm T2 -- NPC

There's another PC, a 2nd level human cleric but I'm not recalling his name at the moment.

[edit] Storyline Summary

Since the Vathar campaign is a relatively new game, early sessions have focused on the characters' interaction with each other.

The beginning of the campaign introduced the characters to each other. They had their first adventure, rescuing the kidnapped bride of a minor noble.

Afterwards, they decided to embark on a vision quest, to help Rynn decipher the meaning of a recent dream she attributed to Morrigan, the Arash'an goddess of magicka. According to Rynn, the successful conclusion of this quest may determine her future as an Aes Sedai.

While travelling, they helped prevent the death of a unicorn from the hands of a murderous tribe of goblins.

Shortly afterwards, the party came upon the abandoned village of Lammdon, wherein it was rumored (according to the unicorn) that restless spirits were recently awakened by a creature of undeath. Upon entering the village, they discovered an obelisk which was inscribed with a hastily-composed riddle. Through trial, error and careful exploration, the party deciphered the meaning of the riddle, discovered the secret beneath Lammdon and laid to rest some recently disturbed undead.

Continuing on their journey southwards, the party then encountered a village that had seemingly been struck by the ghost of a long-dead general who claimed to have returned from the dead. In the course of their investigation, they quickly determined that the "ghost" was in actuality, of human origin. It seems that an enterprising thief had decided to blackmail the villagers in the hopes of making some quick coin, only to find that he had invoked the dead once too often. The object of their masquerade, General Balfas, wrought his revenge by slaying his impostor and would have wreaked further havoc on the living had the party not intervened.

Having earned the gratitude of the villagefolk, the group continued travelling. Miraculously, they fled an early winter storm and are now ensconced in the safety of a frontier trading post called Amreth's Well. The Well sits at the forefront of a major crossroads. The party must cope with the various inhabitants of the Well while dealing with a murderer on the loose even as the elements rage around them.

[edit] Campaign Logs

[edits forthcoming]

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