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[edit] Recruiting Status

Recruiting for this campaign is open. There are available spots for up to three players.

[edit] Required books

The only required books for this campaign are the 2nd edition AD&D Player's Handbook, 2nd edition AD&D Tome of Magic and Player's Option: Skills & Powers. Other sourcebooks or player resources are for the most part, all right, as long as they were published under 2nd edition AD&D rules. A list of allowed books can be viewed here. HOWEVER, not all kits, items, skills or spells are allowed. Please check with me first; I reserve the right to disallow anything that does not meet with my approval from being included in the game.

[edit] Lurking requirement

We ask that interested potential players lurk for at least one full session prior to joining the game. The only reason this requirement is in place is so that anyone who exhibits interest has the opportunity to check us out beforehand.

It seems like common sense but you'd be surprised just how many people don't take compatibility into account, especially when it comes to online RPGs.

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