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Andurin first began as a setting for a real tabletop game using 2nd edition AD&D rules. That campaign ran for almost seven years, between 1993 and 2000. Player characters began at 1st level all the way until 20th level, whereupon I ran one final scenario and then shelved things for a while.

When 3E D&D came out, I decided to update the setting and use it as an eventual basis for online gaming using Neverwinter Nights or some other platform. This site and all the material on it is the direct result of that decision.

As the years went by, I gradually became disenchanted with 3.x, to the point where I wanted to go back to 2nd edition AD&D, because that's the edition of the game I'm most comfortable with. In July 2008 I proposed transitioning back to an older edition of the game to my players. After some back-and-forth discussion, we tried it for a few months. People liked it overall, after which the switch occurred.

Then, in 2013, after some discussion, we elected to transition from 2nd edition to Pathfinder, and that became the default ruleset until our weekly Sunday game ended on January 19, 2018.

Several concepts separate Andurin from that of most other D&D settings, namely the following:

  • It is a home-brewed setting that uses either original material or adaptations of material found elsewhere as the basis for its content;
  • The fact that on balance, it is a low-magic setting (although there are areas in the world where magic-use is normal for a D&D setting);
  • The concept of an Aspect, which provides for an elegant method of creating a near-limitless pantheon from a system that only has twelve gods;
  • The world is extremely detailed and rich in lore. Interested players are advised to become familiar with the files in this forum before applying to join a campaign as the setting has its own internal dynamic that does not necessarily equate to a published setting such as Eberron or the Forgotten Realms;
  • Fate, dreams and prophecy play an integral role in the flavor and construction of the world, from religious beliefs to social traditions to history and geopolitical relationships.

This wiki is a work in progress. A great deal of material needs to be revised to reflect changes in edition. If you find something that leads to a dead link or for which there is no content, please be patient with us. Alternately you can post comments on the discussion page.

Unless otherwise noted, information given herein applies to all games held on Andurin.


[edit] Adding to this WIKI

There is a specific layout to this wiki which will help with navigation and organization

  • All files contain Navigation back links. Please edit another page and see how they are setup and use them if you create a new page
  • There are several categories already, if you are not sure about where a new page would fit, ASK dont just create it.
    • When creating a new page in an existing category you should name it Andurin: Category/SubCategory (eg Andurin: Magic/Spells)

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